It’s a given that we all love science fiction and that love is not limited to the stories or the characters themselves.  When we sit down to enjoy one of our favorite scifi TV shows or movies, often the thing that sets the mood and gets us ready for what we’re about to see is the theme song.

These songs are more than just a starting point or bookend to the entertainment we’re about to enjoy, they’re part of the family, so to speak.  Theme songs can be as important as characters to fans of a show, especially when it comes to the famously loyal genre crowd.  We often hum along, grin, or just listen with great pleasure knowing the song is the appetizer to our wonderful scifi meal to come.

Genre fans are the most loyal fans in the world, but they’re a tough crowd and look with great skepticism upon any changes that may be brought to their beloved shows.  When those changes are done poorly, the fan outcry is at a level unmatched by anything on this, or any other, planet.  When those changes are done right, the cheers can be heard throughout the galaxy.

I’d like to introduce you to a guitar genius by the name of Eric “Erock” Calderone who’s taken the risky step of making metal versions of a lot of songs, many of them well-known science fiction/fantasy themes.  The good news?  Eric has done right by these songs and given them a new feel that will make you a bigger fan of the song and a huge fan of Eric’s talents.

He’s done dozens of songs, some scifi/fantasy related, some not, but I’d like to start you off with his rendition of the Doctor Who Theme Song/I Am The Doctor below:

Here’s a little bit about Eric from his webpage and in his own words:

Ok, I hate writing about myself so I’ll keep this fairly short. Started playing guitar seriously around 2001. Since then couldn’t put it down. Went to college for classical guitar at the University of Tampa in Tampa, Florida and orchestration for tv and film at Berklee. I get asked who my favorite guitar players are but I’ll name the ones that influenced me the most since I cant say that I have a fave. Paul Gilbert, Jason Becker, Shawn Lane, Tom Englund, Michael Romeo, Yngwie Malmsteen, and Andy James to name a couple. They all rock in their own way. Currently I’m a teacher and obviously a youtuber. As long as it has to do with music, I love it all.

Eric hasn’t forgotten about all you Game of Thrones fans out there.  Here’s his “metallization” of the theme and it’s great!

Like any true geek, Eric enjoys old-school scifi, too.  In this next video he performs the theme from Back to the Future & Johnny B. Goode.  I could totally see this replacing the original theme in a remake.  I love how he’s got a few audio clips from the movie tossed in during his performance.

To again prove his geek cred, Eric goes really old school here and performs his version of the theme from the movie Halloween which gave Jamie Lee Curtis her big break.  Just to pile awesome upon awesome Eric also performs bits of the themes from Ghostbusters, The Exorcist and Thriller then finishes with just a taste of Don’t Fear the Reaper.  The cherry on top of this awesome acoustic sundae is that he performs all these songs in full Kick Ass costume!  Appropriate, since Eric’s talents really do kick ass.

No scifi compilation would be complete without some Star Wars thrown in, right?  No problem as Eric performs a medley of songs from the movies.

No self-respecting geek lets internet memes get by them and Eric is no exception.  If you’re in the mood for rainbows, Pop Tarts and flying cats, here’s his metal version of Nyan Cat.

I’m going to finish the set of videos with what is arguably the most popular of all the movies in his geek metal arsenal.  Here is Eric paying homage to “the boy who lived” with the theme from Harry Potter.

Okay, I lied.  Before I let you go any further it’s not the internet without being Rick Rolled, but I bet you’ve never been Rick Rock Rolled like this before!

These are just a few of the many genre songs Eric has done.  He’s also got many more metalized versions of pop tunes and video game songs.  Please take the time to listen to  what will surely become some of your favorite versions of songs you know well.  He’s got a huge list of songs besides the ones above like Rocky, Daft Punk, Party Rock, Transformers, Final Fantasy, Skyrim, Batman, Hall and Oates, My Little Pony…and the list just goes on and on.

You need to check out these links!

Eric’s Video List on his YouTube Channel or go straight to his YouTube Channel’s Main Page.

Eric’s Twitter Feed will keep you up to date on his latest creations.

Eric’s Webpage with downloadable mp3s of his songs & a tab book for sale that’ll let you perform some of his awesome compositions.

Eric Calderone’s Facebook Page is a great place to keep up with what he’s doing and to let him know how much you enjoy his efforts.

If you like his music (and how could you not?) please consider purchasing his album entitled Hollywood Shred from iTunes or cdbaby.


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